Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Healthcare Web Portal - The future of healthcare delivery?

Our company Medical Web Experts has worked in the patient portal and healthcare web portal industry for many years now and we've seen a steep increase in interest from healthcare organizations seeking a portal solution. Why the increase? The increase is being driven mostly by the government incentives for EMR and patient portal adoption that the Obama administration implemented. We're also seeing an increase in demand by the consumer and healthcare organizations are following the lead of many successful companies that have implemented healthcare web portals, such as Kaiser Permanente and Cleveland Clinic.

Our Healthcare Web Portal is a leading enterprise solution for larger healthcare organizations as it effectively integrates with multiple medical record data sources simultaneously.

We recently published a press release announcing a new portal project. You can read more here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/healthcare-web-portal/hospital-patient-portal/prweb9050028.htm

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Practice Fusion Debuts iPad Apps for EMR Software

Practice Fusion, one of the largest EMR software companies in the United States, revealed their new iPad medical apps prototype at their annual conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. This new technological innovation will allow doctors to quickly and securely access a patients EMR (electronic medical record) from their iPad at anytime.

“Prioritizing usability, doctors can see their day’s appointments and instantly dive into each patient’s chief complaint, allergies, problems, medications, family history, hospitalizations, and more,” reported Josh Constine, a columnist from TechCrunch, about the new EMR software application. “Doctors can record patient dictations of their symptoms, and combine their own assessment and treatment plan with pre-defined treatment plans for common ailments to minimize typing. They can also view lists of tasks, and receive push notifications of updates from their office.”

Practice Fusion is one of the most rapidly growing EMR software companies, boasting an impressive 25 million patients in their medical records systems from over 130,000 doctors. Company CEO Ryan Howard says that the key to their success is that their EMR software is free for doctors to use and they raise money through paid advertisements from pharmaceutical companies, labs, etc.

“When we started Practice Fusion, the market was cluttered with EHR options that were expensive and took a long time to implement,” said Howard. “By offering a fast and free solution, Practice Fusion has gained a major advantage in the market....We are focused on bringing the best free technology to every doctor and nurse.”

Howard says that their new iPad medical apps is currently under construction and expects to be released sometime in 2012.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Four Ways to Generate Referrals for Your Law Firm

Aside from marketing and attorney website design, referrals are one of the most important ways a lawyer can increase their client base. Law firms of all sizes generate a larger percentage of their business from referrals than most other types of companies, so if you work in law it’s important to motivate your clients to spread the word about your services.

1. Establish yourself as an expert. By publishing relevant and important information on your website and sending newsletters to your faithful clients, you’ll ensure that they think of you as someone they can trust for legal information. They can easily send a friend your newsletter or a link to your website for helpful information.
2. Publish the right kind of content. Many of your clients will be confused about their legal situation. By posting content in an easily readable format, you’ll hold their attention longer and perhaps answer some of their key questions. Consider writing “how-to” guides or articles that answer common questions that your clients have. An internet marketing firm specializing in legal website design can assist your practice with writing and distributing good content, including publishing a newsletter.
3. Stay in contact with your referral sources. Especially if they’re current clients, stay in touch with them as much as you can (within reason, of course!). Be sure that your customers are satisfied and they’ll spread the word about you.
4. Offer your services. Especially if you work in immigration law or another field of law that involves extended families, letting your clients know that you’re available to help their families and friends as well can go a long way toward generating referrals for your practice. Consider offering a small discount to their family members – you’ll start the relationship off on the right foot and potentially establish yourself as the go-to attorney for a whole community.

For more information on generating referrals and planning a legal marketing campaign, consider attending the American Bar Association’s R3 conference. The conference will be held November 8-9, 2011 in Philadelphia and aims to help attorneys maximize their ROI through modern marketing and smart planning.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Best EMR: Which is it?

What is the best EMR in the electronic medical record software industry? This is a question I get asked a lot in my day to day consulting with physicians. The reality is that its not all that complicated of an answer. Of the hundreds of vendors that are in the industry, very few can actually compete in the top 10 given the incredible amount of R&D that is required in order to develop and maintain an EMR. This is even more difficult to do since the creation of governing bodies such as CCHIT, that have significant certification costs.

So what is the best EMR software in the industry?

I tell most of my small to medium sized practices to look at eClinicalworks or PrognoCIS. I know both companies very well after years of coaching physicians through the EMR selection process. Of the pool of 10-15 different products that these physicians would often view, these two products came out on top the most. Of course there are many other good products on the market such as Greenway, E-MDs and Practice Fusion - I have the most confidence in eClinicalworks and PrognoCIS.

You can read EMR Software Reviews on my website Health Technology Review.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Electronic Medical Record Doc Directory Shows Who’s Putting Healthcare Online

The Internet has transformed communication worldwide, and these changes have affected how we do business as well as manage tasks in our daily lives. People use the Internet to work, do banking, pay bills, make phone calls and watch movies or TV – so it’s no wonder that they’re interested in making their daily routines even more convenient by bringing even more tasks online.

But while even the public library has gone online, one field has been surprisingly resistant to adopting internet technology: healthcare. The vast majority of physicians, hospitals and healthcare professionals are still using paper charts, paper medical records, a classic paper filing system and outdated methods of billing. Electronic medical record technology offers a way to take records and billing online and allows healthcare offices to send patient information instantly, which greatly improves patient care. Some offices have even implemented patient login portals on their websites, which allow patients to request appointments and prescription refills or even chat live with their doctors online.

So if the technology exists, why haven’t more doctors implemented the new system? Many cite the inconvenience of learning a new system or the cost of implementing electronic medical records. Patients, however, are demanding that healthcare mold to new technologies and be as accessible as their bank accounts over the internet. Electronic medical record software and consulting company EMRapproved recognizes this and has created their Tech Savvy Doc Directory – an online listing of doctors who use EMR technology in their practices. It allows patients to search by specialty and location to find a physician near them who incorporates EMR and other medical technology. Patients who are demanding more are starting to see solutions, and hopefully more physicians will adopt EMR as they realize how important it is.

You can learn more about EMR at my website www.healthtechnologyreview.com by reading the FREE eBook on Electronic Medical Records.

Source article about Electronic Medical Records

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Older women seeking pregnancy more than ever

Robyn, our on-staff nurse and medical content writer wrote a particularly interesting post titled the Rise of Pregnancy in Older Women May Have Societal Impact. The post discusses the trends in women seeking to get pregnant much later in life as women are generally putting off having kids until later in life, for a variety of reasons. At the same rate Generation Y'ers are getting married later, so what will that mean for women seeking to get pregnant in 30 years from now?

Center for Human Reproduction, a client of ours is a infertility and ivf clinic that specializes in older women pregnancy. They published a press release today about Pregnancy in Older Women stating that the medical industry and society are completely unprepared for where this growing trend is taking us. "Medicine is not ready to manage pregnancy in older women safely and society is not ready to help them cope with older motherhood.", says Dr. Norbert Gleicher from the Center for Human Reproduction. This topic has become even hotter as of late since the New Yorker magazine published a lengthy story about it, with an elderly women in a nude "Demi Moore" pose featured on the cover.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rx Medical Web formerly known as Empire Essentials Marketing and still following the leader...

Following up to an earlier post I made a few months back about a new web design company that entered into the medical industry and decided to flat out copy my company's website (www.medicalwebexperts.com) site structure, targeted keywords and even content. Well since then this company changed their name. Formerly known as Empire Essentials Marketing this new brainchild is now Rx Medical Web (www.rxmedicalweb.com). From what I can tell this isn't even their actual company name, maybe its a DBA, but in any case they're probably planning on changing it again at some point as it seems they don't really want to get creative and build a website with their own ideas.

(I'm still flattered by the way. Maybe even more flattered as our site must be so good that even though they know that we know that they copied our site they still can't help but keep on copying.)

Outside of general similarities and jumbled content, here's the most striking similarity:

Rx Medical Web Footer - 10/13/2011

Medical Web Experts Footer - 10/13/2011

Lets see how things pan out for this operation. Either way, its a long climb up Rx Medical Web!